Old Dogs are the Treasure at the end of a Rainbow


                Spirit Of Rockport  3rd Weekend of September




Indiana's Most haunted Ghost Walk 

Walking tour of Downtown Rockport Indiana

Actors stationed at most stops to tell the story of the past and present

You will be amazed of the real history of Rockport

All research was done by the founder of the Spirit Of Rockport 

Dorothy Childers

Findings for the stories are at the public Library and Courthouse

We welcome everyone to come to out annual fundraiser for 


and Sanctuary 







 September 27 & 28th

Last weekend in September every year.

Tours starting at 5:30 pm

last tour going out is 9:30 pm

TLC Pals 4 Paaws, INC

We have our own concession stand

and it will be set up for the convenience

of our customers

We will have craft tables

And for entertainment

We have Elvis with us singing his heart out.

Exciting entertainment for all of us!


Dottie and Carrolee on TV 






Our Yearly Fundraiser

The true History of Rockport, Indiana

Come on in to Rockport, Indiana on the 3rd weekend of September and take a  memorable walking tour. It's full of history, and surprises.

Tours starting at 5:30 pm  and ending at 9:30 pm

Help us help the animals and have a great time on our Spirit Walk

Costumes provided by:

Visit their ebay store for all your 1860's costume needs! 


Two of our actors

 Joey Mayfield and Troy Duncan



One of our Tour Guides 

  Charlie Fincey 

Mr Lincoln