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                                TLC's Urgents

This is one of the Jack Russells that I just took out of a drug house, he has a mass on his neck, I take him back to the Vet tomorrow to see what we will be looking at, Both of the Jack Russells have to have serious dental work done Jethro has some really bad one that has to come out. 

We are in need for donations so these babies can finally live a decent life, these two are 12 years old, never been to the vet till now. Both are in the picture below

paypal:   pals4paaws@aol.com

We are 501c3   27-1783084

Precious kitten was thrown from a car, the end results is a broken pelvic and a broken leg. Doc said the pelvic will heal but the leg will require surgery later on. Cynthia Kincaid saved the baby, a true Hero to these babies

Please find it in your heart to help this precious 12 week old kitten. We are in need of donation to help pay vetting.

paypal: pals4paaws@aol.com

We are 501c3  Tax ID 27-1783084

A heart can be broken, and still keeps beating.

 Three days ago I got a call about a dog under weight and had pups that very morning

I call my vet to make an appointment to get her and the pups in. I met up with the people and I almost dropped to me knees when I seen what shape she was and had 6 newborn babies under her. She acted like she didn't know what to do with them. We got her to the vet, he ran all kinds of blood work to find a reason why every bone in her body was showing, nothing medically wrong, they had starved her.  We have lost 6 puppies.

Star is now her new name. 

We are asking for donations so we can get her back to health. 

She also has heart worms, 

which needs to be treated, this is life threatening.

paypal donations to:


TLC Pals 4 Paaws, INC

8261 W CR 500 N

Richland, Indiana 47634 





That is Star and her babies. Her babies did not make it. When I got Star to the vet hours after the pups were born, she didn't even have any milk. Trying to save herself, the pups didn't have a chance


 This is Myracle, another starved dog that entered the rescue, 

Sad that people think they can do this to a animal and it's ok, well it's not okay