Old Dogs are the Treasure at the end of a Rainbow


                                 FIVE DOLLAR FRIDAYS!

                                                  WE NEED DONATIONS!


                                  Please donate to the FIVE DOLLAR FRIDAY 

It's Friday and that is a great time to share with the unfortunate animals who really need your help

WE ARE 501c3 Charity that is 100% tax deductible

We need your help making a Five Dollar Friday a custom to do and would be a thoughtful and great way to help save the animals

We receive no monies from the government, it's up to us to do it all, so please help support our rescue efforts, rescue, spay/neuter along with any other vetting that is needed.

We are only as good as you want us to be, so please take advantage of our FIVE DOLLAR FRIDAYS and help us so we can help them!

$5.00 adds up quickly and it really does help.

Located in Southern Indiana 

All of our animals here at the Center are pulled from Animal Control Shelters and some even taken off back roads where people dumped them.