Old Dogs are the Treasure at the end of a Rainbow


                             Bob's To Scale Dioramas

The Dios are all original from wood creations.

He's a retired carpenter and takes pride in what he creates. 

Items can be his creations or ones that are special order.

He has made many for people who wanted them to look like

something their Father owned or worked at and has made

Garages. Service Stations, Ice Cream Shops, Frisch's Resturants,

A & W Rootbeer Stands, and we have hundreds of pictures 

 This is a special and very unique hand made

item for the one you love as a special gift.

And for the one who has everything, "Until now" 

These are state of the art Scale Models,

a Blast from the past! 

Contact Bob Sutter 812-282-4966


Pricing depends on the item size and what they want in it 







































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